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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics module we cover how to track your website visitors like how many people are visiting your website daily, weekly, or monthly and custom reporting, conversion tracking. IP exclusion, etc

  • What is Web Analytics?
  • Google Analytics vs. other Analytics Tools
  • Google Analytics Features Overview
  • Google Analytics Account Setup
  • Analytics Code Integration on Website/Blog
  • Measurements to Metrics & Data
  • Understanding Accounts, Profile & View
  • Analytics Report Sorting
  • Real-Time Traffic Report Analysis
  • Understanding New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors
  • Audience Report Analysis
  • Traffic Behaviour Segmentation
  • Search, Paid & Social Traffic Filtration
  • eCommerce Traffic Segmentation
  • Remarketing Audience Segmentation
  • Custom View Setting
  • IP Filtration Setting
  • Goal and Conversion Reports
  • Intelligence Report & Bounce Rate
  • Google Analytics Reports & Action Plan

Question-Answer to clarify all your doubts Google Analytics and web analytics anytime during course by our trainer on the chat, mail, and WhatsApp.

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