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Bulk Email Marketing

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Bulk Email Marketing

You will learn all about bulk email marketing, which is the most cost-effective marketing technique of the digital age. From data collection, mining, buying to setting up an email marketing server and emailing that delivers directly in the inbox of your prospect.

  • What is Email Marketing? 
  • Commercial email Vs Business email
  • Understanding Permission-Based Email Marketing
  • Single Opt-In Mail Vs Double Opt-In Mail
  • Extracting & Collecting Email Data
  • Subscriber Opt-In & Opt-Out Option Integration on Site
  • Email Marketing Server Setup Process
  • Email Marketing Service Provider ESP’s
  • Amazon SES Email Marketing Service 
  • Designing Email Marketing Campaign
  • Email Copywriting Best Practice
  • Sending and Analyzing Campaigns Report
  • Handling Response from Email Campaigns
  • Understanding SPF, DKIM, IP Blacklisting/Whitelisting
  • EMail Marketing CAN-SPAM Law
  • SPAM Folder Delivery Factors & How to Avoid
  • Tools, Templates & Worksheet for Email Marketing

Question-Answer to clarify all your doubts and queries bulk email marketing anytime during course by our trainer on the chat, mail, and WhatsApp.

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